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Start-Master™ air filter?

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  • Start-Master™ air filter?

    Hi everyone...
    I am brand new here and have a question.
    On the new wheelbarrow compressor,
    it says it has this Start-Master filter, which
    reduces amp draw when the compressor starts up.
    I heard about something like this when I called Campbell Hausfeld a year or 2 ago.
    They said they had checked out an air filter from a vendor that let the pump cycle with no load for a few rotations to reduce amp draw (because in starting any compressor, it pulls huge current for the first few milliseconds to get the motor turning) They said they ran a 120V 3hp compressor
    on a 250 ft extension cord, and it started right up....which is pretty amazing.

    Is that what this filter does?

    I have a robot band, powered by pneumatics (, and have to find a dedicated 120V 20A circuit in whatever bar I'm in every night to power the compressor. That can be awfully difficult, and a filter like this could mean the difference between popping the breaker and not.....

    I'm hoping to find this someone who knows about this filter or knows what I'm speaking about.

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    I read it, but I don't understand it! Perhaps one of the Ridgid folks could explain exactly what that is.

    I do know a bit about compressors though. Basically speaking, the compressor cylinder (or whatever type of design used to compress: rotary disc, sliding vane, lobe, turbine blade, etc.) is always in compression mode; that is, it is a closed chamber of some type and on start-up the piston (or whatever) must overcome the force required to open the discharge valve or port. That's where the heavy load comes from on start-up. It is possible to design in to the system an "unloader" which simply opens the discharge valve or port, so that there is no compression taking place until the unit reaches operating RPM. At that point, the unloader releases the discharge valve, allowing compression to take place. I've seen centrifugal-type unloaders, as well as both pneumatic and electrical (solenoid) type unloaders. These are usually used on more expensive or larger, industrial type compressors.



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      I wonder if I have to call Rigid to find out....
      C'mon Rigid folks...
      Someone's gotta know...


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        I found out...
        It's actually called "Smart Start"
        not Start master......
        and another company makes it.
        I hear it does wonders.
        I'm going to buy one as soon as I can...