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if it were your shop, which would you get???

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  • if it were your shop, which would you get???

    I need 2 drill's. I have a cordless that i use now and even with the keyless chuck it will be easier to have two drills at hand when countersinking and screwing projects together.

    I have been keeping my eye on ebay for another cordless hilti sf-121A but have been also thinking about getting a pneumatic drill. Then the thought crossed my mind to just get a corded drill. Can pick one up, decient mfgr for 50 bucks or less.

    My only thought was that i do a little bit of metal work as well, not much, but i figured that the pneumatic would be the way to go.

    Although i love this Hilti, the most powerful cordless I have ever owned. I have even been kicking around the ridgid 12V for 119, lifetime batteries are appealing!

    what do you folks think?

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    I have 3 cordless (7.2,14.4,18) and find myself reaching for my new ridgid impact more and more to drive any and all screws. I like it for its speed, control and very light weight. I know you are not keen on the impacts but go to HD and try driving a few screws before you write off the possibility.


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      Ed, I agree with having 2 drills when building something. One to drill pilot holes and one to drive the screws. Corded will work but you will probably not be happy with having an extension cord to step over every 20 seconds. I have the Ridgid 84001 3/8" 18v and love it. It is my main working drill. My second is an 18v, Ryobi. does a great job around the shop. A lot cheaper than a second ridgid or other top name brand. As for metal working. Get yourself a nice corded drill. Drilling metal puts a lot more strain on the drill and cordless just can't keep up.
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        I have a Hilti SF-121A which came with 2.0ah NiCd batteries. I had to replace a battery and went ahead and spent the money on the 3.0ah NiMH battery and WOW what a difference.

        I was figuring on a pneumatic for the pilot holes and such but that cord (and I have a small compressor).

        Watching another hilti on ebay, if it stay's around a hundred bucks I will probably jump on it, otherwise, i may just pick up the 12V ridgid.


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          While I know it may be sacrelig to admit, my fav 2 drill/drivers are my Bosch 24v. The have been the absolute best drill/drivers I have ever owned. My 2nd two favs. are my 2 Ridgid 18v.

          The Bosch's batt. chargers are 15min models and my Ridgid are 30min models.

          As for heavy duty, you can't beat the Bosch 24v in that dept. I've drilled through wood, metal, concrete, granite, etc. with them. There is no stopping them, and I am still using the same 4 original batteries (2 came with each drill,) going on 4 years now. "The key is to completely drain them before re-charging them."

          You might want to check out the Bosch drill/drivers before making your final decision?!
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            I am a big fan of the impact drivers, less weight more torque and no rist twist if you bind up.

            Hitachi has a great one for the price in the $100-$125 range and if you want something super industrial for production use I would go with the new Makita.

            Hilti is a premium tool line, but pricy for what you get.


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              I purchased the Ridgid 14.4V for $99 at HD, it has two batteries and rapid charger (30 minutes). I really like it and the price was right. I'm not sure if it is still at that price or not though! It was a 5 day special.

              However, my recommendation is to try and stick with a line of tools if you plan on going cordless so you won't have several chargers all lined up.....

              If $ is a concern, Ryobi has a cordless 9.6V for about $40. You could probably find a decent corded for $50 - $80.

              Hope this help!