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  • Band Saw Opinions Please

    I am looking for a bandsaw that will resaw up to 12". I have been looking at two models so far, the General 690-1 and the Laguna LT14SE. I would appreciate comments from owners of these or suggestions of others to look at

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    Hello, I saw the Laguna setup on Feb 27 at the Toronto Home Workshop show and I am very impressed with this build quality. I was able to watch a demonstration and I must say, it tore thru a 6x6 like a hot knife thru butter. I have a bit a experience with the General line of tools but would reccomend Laguna 100% pretty much over most bandsaws on the market. It also depends on what you are willing to spend. I always make it a point to purchase the best quality tools possible and I would advise you on the Laguna.