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MS1290LZ - Blade Guard Problem

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  • MS1290LZ - Blade Guard Problem

    The blade guard on my new 12" Compound isn't fully retracting when rotating the saw head for a cut. It worked fine for the past month or so and then suddenly today, it rotates only about 1/2 the previous rotation. In fact, I can't even make a cut with it because the guard doesn't retract far enough! I've removed the guard, cleaned the components but still no luck. I've examined it closely but cannot locate a reason for this behavior. It is almost like the lever arm doesn't cam enough against the stop. The only way to cut with the thing is to tape the guard fully open with duct tape which is by far NOT the safest solution.


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    If its less than 90 since you bought it, take it back and exchange it for a different one. HD's 90 day return policy is there to keep customers happy, why not use it.
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      Even if it is over 90 days take it back and show the HD manager the danger your in using the saw he sold you. He will probably take it back.

      The other thing you might do is go look at the display and see how it works. These blade guards opening mechanisms are pretty simply cams. I suspect the center pivot has turned and you not getting the movement needed to completely lift the guard. You should be able to see this by looking at one that works.
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        Thanks for the reply guys. Unfortunately, it has been over 90 days (November 5th or there abouts). Also, the nearest Home Depot is about 150 mile away so running down to check how the showroom piece works would be difficult at the moment. I'm hoping to get there next week or the week after. Was hoping someone had seen this before and could outline a quick fix.

        I'll post my findings in the coming weeks.


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          Have you tried Ridgid tech support? They might be able to help. Nearest HD 150 miles? What part of the moon do you live on?
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            Yep, wrote tech support the other day and even gave them a link to this forum thread. Haven't heard anything from them as of yet. I'm pretty confident they'll respond in due time.

            I live in La Grande, Oregon. Northeast corner of the state and the nearest HD is in Tri-Cities, Washington. Actually, I did hear they were building one in Walla Walla so that will shave off about 1/2 hour or so. We don't quite live on the edge of the earth, but you can see it form here!


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              You may get a faster reply by calling tech support at 866-539-1710


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                I just called them and the replacement parts are on the way!