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    I am trying to decide what speed to run the R2600. I have an older Bosch ROS and it runs quite a bit faster. At the A setting, the R2600 hardly turns at all. Is that normal?

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    I can't compare to Bosch, but using a borrowed Makita last summer prompted be to purchase my own ROS. My first purchase was the Ryobi RS280VS and I loved it! It was substantially less expensive than the Makita and, in my opinion did a much better job with far better dust collection. I was so impressed by it in fact, that I bought the RS2600 this past Dec. when Ridgid had its introduction. Better built, I think it does a very good job and I hope to have it for the rest of my lifetime.

    The thing that is most noticiable though is, as you questioned, the face doesn't appear to rotate as aggresively. Both the Ryobi and the Ridgid are probably the same in this respect and of the same basic design with better materials, motor, etc. going to the Ridgid. While the rotation is significantly less that the Makita that I experienced, I do not notice any less action in its ability to "cut" the surface. I've been very pleased with its performance and personally think that does a better job than the Makita. While the Ridgid/Ryobi sander has both the orbit and random speed swirl, the Makita's action seems more like a disk-type sander. The head rotated very fast and, seeemingly, with continuous action. The results were that sawdust was thrown everywhere and the noise was tiring. Niether the Makita or the Ridgid leaves any swirl marks, but the slower and more random turning face on the Ridgid seems to do a very good job and also contain its dust production to the attached dust bag. Using a vacuum hookup, and only a small film of dust seems to excape.



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      I tried the 2600 and the variable speed didn't work. The speed it was working at was too slow for any serious wood removal. I took it back to HD, tried another in the store, same problem. I got the 2610 and it works great. Changing the orbit is a pain, but the sander works better than I expected.