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12 in. Rigid Compound Miter Saw Switch HELP

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  • 12 in. Rigid Compound Miter Saw Switch HELP

    Hi, I have search through the internet for answers to what seems to be a simple question and can't find any. Here is what I have, My dogs chewed up my handle to my Miter Saw when it was sitting on my work bench, I have ALL the parts to replace it and have it almost ready to go BUT,
    I can't find a diagram as to WHERE the 3 wires coming up through the handle go on the switch inside. I have a white wire, a black one and a grey one *shortest* The switch has a place for ALL three but I don't know where to tie them in at. On the switch it has in print:

    1*no screw for wiring*
    and across are

    I can do this if someone can just tell me, what wire goes to what screw in the switch on the inside of the miter saw handle. Does Anyone out there have any knowledge of this???? I sure could use the help!!! You can e-mail me personally if you want.....Frustrated in Nevada
    Leann "posterpup"