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Thickness planer set up

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  • Thickness planer set up

    Well Santa was good to me this year. He left the Dewalt DW-734 under the tree.

    A little cold here so i have not yet been able to plug her in and get her going as that garage is cold. It will not see any real use probably until spring, but i do want to make sure she works allright. The booklet claims that it is essentially set up and should require no adjustment! I have fallen for that one before. Anything to look out for on this thing before putting it to work?

    thanks all


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    I have been sitting on my Ridgid 13" Planer for about 2 months now, and tonight just tuned her up. As advertised, it was fairly good right out of the box. But here is what I did have to do to align it up:

    A) Align the infeed and outfeed tables. This was crucial to minimize the snipe. Minor adjustments were needed, but I recommend being as thorough as possible, or else you will find yourself doing it again. The directions in the manual should be specific.

    B) Fine tuned the measuring tape on the planer. Make sure that you have a KNOWN height of board when sticking it in the planer, then running the planer down until it touches the board - then adjust the tape measurement to reflect the thickness of the board in the planer.

    That was it! Planed multiple Oak boards with ease! Hope this helps.



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      I can't wait to get mine out of the box and get her going. looks like a sweet machine. and i have a whole bunch of kiln dried rough sawn silver maple that came from a tree we had removed from our back yard. Been too damn cold in my neck of the woods and i am battling a back problem. We are supposed to have a few nice days coming up here, at least nice enough to go out and give her a whirl. Thanks for the advice on the set up. The JP6010 claimed to be ready right out of the box and that was a nightmare. Once I finally got it dialed in (months later) i couldn't be happier with it. And it was in all fairness not entirely ridgid's fault. Planer was cutting like crap so followed all the alignment proceedures and such. still no go. ended up going through the entire setup/alignment and just about had it. A friend of mine came by (who is much better mechanically than i am) and he offered to take a look. First problem we discovered was a horizontal crack along one of the cutting edges of one of the knives. Ridgid sent me out a new set free of charge no problem, but i could not wait, so off to sears I went and purchased a set of craftsman knives and installed them. once we had a good set of knives in it, it only took some minor adjustments and she cuts awesome! (those minor adjustments may not have been necessary if the blade wasn't cracked. probably readjusted the machine to where it was out of the box

      I hope the planer is good to go out of the box, i am terrible when it comes to mechanics!


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        I just ran my JP0610 last night for the first time. Dead on right out of the box. I guess I was lucky. I was sitting on the Jointer for the past 2 months as well until I finshed insulating and hanging a gas heater in the garage. As you know it gets quite cold up here in MN.

        Hope you get the chance to work with your planer soon - SWEEEEET!

        Fly Navy,