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  • batery amp hours

    I want to buy a new 18v cordless drill and have narrowed it down to two brands rigid being one ofthem. having said that my question is if anyone can tell what the amp hour rating of the ridgid 18v x2 battery is? the reason I want to know is because I read that the average life of a battery is 500 charges, so the higher amp hour the less charges the longer the battery life and etc. let me know what you think!

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    Amp Hours:

    Amp hours mean the higher the number the more run time you get per charge. The Ridgids X2 are 2.2 ah (Ni-Cd). Now if you want full life cycles in batteries, you want to buy makitas. The reason why I say that is because they last longer per charge. They have up to a 4.0ah.(Ni-Mh) which is a better battery then the Ni-cd's cause you dont have to charge them that much. Makita is far superior on the market then anyone else. Amp hours have nothing to due with total life cycles. Ni-Cd batteries get around 700 to 1000 charges(but that depends on where you store it, charge it, and how it is being used). Ni-Mh is around 600 to 800(same thing). But remember that the Ni-Mh last longer per charge so you dont have to charge it all the time like you have to with the Ni-Cd's. Hope this answers you questions, have a good day!


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      I totally agree with Packers thoughts on this subject, but let me add this:

      NiMH batteries don't hold a charge as well as NiCads with regard to sitting on the shelf, but they are able to hold a much greater charge with regard to Amp/Hr capacity and are the "choice" for things like cameras, radios, etc. Furthermore, NiCads have a "memory effect" problem in that they must be almost fully discharged before they can be properly recharged. They are also subject to a shortened life when rapid charged, which is what most portable tool chargers will do. NiCads have their life shortened substantially when "topped-off" type charging is used, thanks to the so-called "memory effect" of NiCad chemistry.

      NiMh batteries do not have the memory effect that NiCads do (it is very minor by comparison, anyway) and therefore can be safely "topped-off". They are also better suited to rapid charging if the charger is equipped to safely do so. NiMh batteries are charged differently than NiCads and therefore most NiCad chargers should not be used with NiMh batteries. With power tools, this isn't a problem as the battery an charger are most always proprietary to the tool.

      Hope this helps,



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        Ridgids...18volt X2 batteries are 2.2 Ni-Cad's. yes, They have around 500 charges but that takes in affect of where it is being stored and how it is being charged and how it is being used. There are alot of factors that play in the life of a battery pack.

        If I had a choice, I would buy Ridgid second, and Makita's first soley on performance, history, innovative tools, and battery technology! They are much more advanced in tools then anyone else!