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TS 2412 problem

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  • TS 2412 problem

    I have a three year old TS 2412. Recently it has started throwing the belt off the pulleys.
    Everything seems to be aligned properly and there's no damaged to the belt.
    Has anyone had this problem?

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    Not on a TS but ran into that with an air compressor. The belt had stretched and was warped kind of sideways. I put a new belt on and never had any more trouble. Use a straight edge from motor to arbor pullies and verify that they are aligned, if so then replace the belt.
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      I'll check the alignment again, but I'm sure it was correct the last time I checked it yesterday. Seems odd this has gone from "no problem at all" to "everytime I flip the switch".

      I don't think it's the belt. The motor setup is self-tensioning, even if it has stretched a little, it should maintain enough presure to keep
      the belt on the pulleys.

      Thanks for the help.


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        You may need to move the motor away from the saw just a little bit.
        Andy B.