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Need advice on Miter saw purchase

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  • Need advice on Miter saw purchase

    Hello all,
    I am new to the board but have loved the info I have gotten so far by reading. There seems to be a lot of knowledgavble people here.

    any who....
    I am by no means a wood worker. I am a first time home buyer that doesn't have the cash to pay others to do all the work. I have to do my own most of the time. I am going to be doing floor mouldings in my living room. I would prefer to use a power miter saw to do this as it would be easier. any advice on what or which one to buy?

    Now, I intend on building a deck in the summer, resheet rocking the entire house and what ever comes along with that (pandora's box) as well as crown mouldings etc....should I go for the sliding miter and keep it forever.. or go the cheaper way... so confused..

    please help

    ps, what about recon- tools and where to get them?
    Thanks for any help in advance.
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    There won't be too many moulding jobs that a Makita LS1013 10" sliding compound miter saw can't handle. The don't have them available all the time but when they do, you can usually find reconditioned units at for around $360.

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      I have been watching harbor frieight for a while in the magazine version. Thanks for the advice. Ironically, I just got a 10% coupon for lowes and I need to build a dog house for my dogs so....maybe lowes might the way to go...
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        I have been doing woodworking for many years. I even made a living at it for 10 yrs. I have never owned or even used a sliding. mitre saw. Not to say they are not valuable tools, but I think you can get away with a regular chop box. I suggest spending a lttle extra money and getting a 12". Spend the money you saved on a circular saw and all your cutting needs are met. You can not cut a sheet of plywood with a sliding mitre saw. If a shop is something that you desire, then a table saw should be thought of. But that is a story for another day.



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          I thought I was the only non-woodworker!!!

          I understand all the conflicting information. The above two gentlemen who are honorable woodworkers. You need tools that are suitable for re-modeling. Badger Dave gave a recommendation for the Makita 10" that I use every day.


          I re-model for a living. Here is some perspective that I wrote on another post.
          If you go for this purchase buy a 10" sliding mitre saw. YES I Said the SLIDING MODELS that cost almost double, but its lets you run smoother cuts. I heard your building a deck, a slider will make work safer and easier. Unless your cutting 6" post stock, I would NOT buy the 12" and I have done major work without missing one. If you do cut 6" stock just flip it over and cut it. My tools some times get broken or stolen from someones carelessness. I think the best bang for the buck is a 10" sliding compound saw from Hitachi, Makita or Bosch. I think Hitachi is making the best value saws right now and I remodel for a living. I have the Makita and Hitachi. I have used the Bosch before. I know you can rent these models at HD before you buy. I even recommend buying a reconditioned one from or ebay. Ridgid is good, but I agree with others that the laser needs fine tuning. I used my brothers for two days, the laser was slightly off and does not come on till the motor is engaged. If you can part with the money buy any brand I mentioned reconditioned you will save a bundle.
          ******Buy the saw that feels the most comfortable in your hand when you use it. Some like "D" handles and some like straight. With these products its a personal preference.

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            Thanks for the responses. Don't get me wrong, I own a lot of tools and my garage is set up as a shop. I have drills, corded and cordless, hammer and not, circular saws, couple of sawzalls, a table saw (crappy falling apart one but I own it [img]smile.gif[/img]

            I agree with having the right tools for the right job. Jim, don't get me wrong, I am sure it is possible to get by without a slider. It's the easier part I'm thinking of. This purchase needs to be able to be used for a wide variety. That is why I am considering a slider. Buy once and that's all...
            I have been looking at the 10" as well. I too think maybe the 12" is over kill (for me at least), even thought about Dewalts 8 1/4 or 8 1/2 " model. I almost think it is easier to go bigger, knowing I should be ok.

            after all, with a 10% coupon at lowes...599-10% =539 for the saw.then you get a 75 card as well. Doesn't sound to shabby.

            just a thought and some rambling sorry.. lol

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              Bryan, I will probably catch he77 from the others, but here is what I use. I have the Delta 81/4 CMS that I use for finish moldings and such. $119 at Home Depot when I bought it. AND I have the Harbour Freight 10" sliding CMS $99 + free shipping. It is a great saw for the home user. I am not a contractor. It is perfect for Rough carpentry, decking, porches. I would not trust the accuracy of it for making a picture frames mitered corners, but I will build a house with it. MHO&E
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                Papa Dan,
                Those are great price points...great if it only fear is you think these tools are constructed well enough from a safety standpoint?


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                  Milwaukee 10" sliding compound miter saw! that's what i will get when by delta 10" compound fixed dies.

                  On a side note, i Know a VERY GOOD carpenter, that swears by the hitachi mitre saw. might be worth looking at!


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                    Paul, there are no safety issues with these tool that are not with any tool. Wear safety glasses, never remove the blade gaurds, secure your work piece, never force the cut. I have had the little Delta for about 4 years now and the Harbour freight for 2 years.
                    info for all: --- "I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me."


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                      You like the Harbour Freight or Chicago tool stuff. Others have remarked the same. I just ordered their Chicago tool 4" grinder with the paddle switch $28 shipped. I figure I can't go wrong. The quality comming out of China is getting way better. If others disagree fine, but my 36" plasma TV is made there along with Makita, Bosch and Hitachi tools.

                      Kudos to Spaceblue and Milwaukee the "ultimate" saw. I love Milwaukee, but parting with $500 is tough. I would rather buy a reconditioned Hitachi for $250 delivered.

                      Bryan, I just realized your willing to spend $600 including tax. Heck go to an authorized Bosch distributor and buy that ultimate saw reconditioned (open box). Ebay itself has an authorized dictributor (CPO).

                      -Or you can buy the only American product made Milwaukee.

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