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Rigid 14.4 X2 or Standard 14.4?

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  • Rigid 14.4 X2 or Standard 14.4?

    I've decided on the Rigid cordless drill. Now I need to decide between the X2 or the standard drill. Not using it proffesionally or every day. Mainly for woodworking hobby and home repair and maybe a deck or 2. Will I regret not getting the X2?

    The standard is much lighter and a bit cheaper.

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    You would have to do without the 1/2" chuck, and the two X2 batts insure that you don't get any unwanted breaks between deck screws. That'd be my 2 biggest regrets, ymmv.

    It was a patio cover screw-down project where a pair of inadequate drivers convinced me to start shopping for more power and longevity in the first place. Sure hated schlepping the ol' corded monster up there to finish. That is not gonna happen with this puppy (14.4 X2).


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      An impact driver would be better for driving deck screws and lags. I use it regualarly in my satellite business. The Makita 12 volt is a little more compact than the same DeWalt model. Fore regular drilling, I've purchased the Ridgid 12 volt cordless drills in both the standard and the x-2. I like the standard for it's lighter weight and its smaller size for utility. For drilling cable holes and large hole saws as an electrician in attics and crawl spaces, I will use the x-2. It's nice that the batteries are interchangeable.

      In a previous post, I noted how I destroyed the clutches and speed change levers of two Makita 12 volt 3/8" heavy duty drills. I'm glad that Ridgid offers a lifetime warranty.