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  • R2500 sander

    What's the purpose and is it necessary to punch holes in the paper prior to using. Using the tool provided results in holes nowhere near the size of the holes in the sheets included with the tool.

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    The holes are for dust collection. They are not necessary, unless you want to use the sanders dust collection. Mine did not come with a tool for making holes, are you sure the one that came with yours is for that model?


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      The hole puncher that came with my Porter-Cable ΒΌ sheet sander also makes holes in the paper that are smaller than the holes in the pad. Not to worry though, the sander works just fine with the smaller holes and when hooked up to my ShopVac is also virtually dust free.
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        As previously stated, the punch allows for the dust to be vac'd into either the bag attachment or a shop vacuum attached in place of the bag. I agree with you, that the hole punch is significantly smaller than the holes that were "factory" punched. But, in my humble opinion, I think that if they provided larger diameter pins in a punch of that type, it would probably rip the paper, more than "punch" a hole in it.

        Certainly the factory size holes allow for better pick-up of the dust, but even the small holes do a fairly decent job and is certainly better than NOT having any holes. I use and Xacto knive to clear away the shreds around the holes. It takes an extra minute, but is worth the effort, I think.



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          THANKS, folks. I had a feeling it had to do with dust removal but my old one had nothing like it. Trimming the jaggies sounds like the way I'll go too. BTW, I do computer graphics and stuff, so if I can repay the knowledge favors just holler.

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