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Another battery/charging question:

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  • Another battery/charging question:

    I just bought a new Ryobi 12 vlt drill kit, and this is not addressed in the manual:

    The charger doesn't have a 'full charge' indicator light, so how long can the battery be left in the charger? (I'd prefer to keep one of the two batteries in the charger all the time.) My stepfather has an 18 vlt Ryobi, and the instructions for it say, to avoid damage to the battery, remove it when it's fully charged; but his charger has a 'full' indicator light. And how do I test to see if a battery I'm charging is fully charged? Will a volt test meter work?
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    here is what the HP1202 manual says...
    After normal usage, 3 hours or less of charging time is required to fully recharge battery pack. Note: If battery pack is completely discharged, 6 hours or longer of charging time is required to fully recharge battery pack.
    When battery pack has been charged, disconnect charging assembly from power supply and remove the battery pack. This practice will increase battery life.
    Unfortunatley you can not use a volt meter to test how charged a battery is. A near fully depleated pack will still read the same voltage as a fully charged pack. That is why you will not detect a speed change in the drill untill the pack is near dead


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      O.K. Thanks much.

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