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  • DP15501

    OK, so I just got the Ridgid DP15501 DP from HD today.
    I came across a problem setting it up.
    The manual states that the tops of the motor and spindle pullies should be level, and to adjust the motor height if not.
    Well, there not. The motor pulley is almost 3/8" higher. No big deal, I'll adjust the motor.
    The motor is already at lowest point!
    Just to make it more interesting, there is only about 3/8" available to raise the motor before it hit the bottom of the lower belt guide.
    I went ahead and put the belts on and they do not seem to want to walk, but I'm not real happy about this adjustment.
    I tried to call Ridgid Tech Supt. There are only there 8-5 EST M-F. That's NOT good, since I am at work typically from 8-6.

    Anyone else have this problem?
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    Try Ridgid e-mail support at If you and I are any indication it sounds like it may be a problem they've heard about already.

    I had the same problem with my 15501's motor adjustment being already bottomed out, although my pulleys were only off by 1/32 or so.

    I still think it's the best DP for the price. Good luck!
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      Thanks for the reply.

      Upon further inspection, I noticed the motor pulley was not level. If I placed the straight edge flat on the motor pulley it was high on the spindle side. If I placed it flat on the spindle side it was low and uneven on the motor side. Placing a magnetic level on the motor, idler, and spindle pullies showed the motor pulley to be low on the rear side. Placing a washer as a shim between the motor mounting brackets mostly took care of that and now the pulleys are even & at the same height.
      The problem is the washer I used is thicker then needed, so I can not fully tighten the top bolts or the pulley rides too high on the rear side.

      Either way I am not too happy about needing to do this type of adjustment on a brand new machine.

      I also noticed some 'dings' on the motor pulley. It looks like someone/thing hit it or grabbed it with a pair of vice grips.

      I'm going to call Ridgid today, the response I get will determine if I keep the DP or not.
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        I called Ridgid Tech Supt, they suggested I return the DP.
        The motor/pulley is leveled at the factory, not considered to be field adjustable.
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          Originally posted by k1768:
          I called Ridgid Tech Supt, they suggested I return the DP.
          The motor/pulley is leveled at the factory, not considered to be field adjustable.
          Welcome, glad to hear your problem will be taken care of. A small hassle to return this but on the bright side, it could have been a problem with their jointer or TS. [img]smile.gif[/img]

          The screen says you posted this response at 8:42 AM, aren't you supposed to be working?
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