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    I have the 4 piece 18V MAX 2 combo kit, as well as the 18V 3/8" cordless drill. As part of my rebate for the 4 piece combo, I got a third MAX 2 battery and jigsaw.

    Anyways, 2 of 3 of the MAX 2 batteries refuse to charge on either the dual or single charger. The charger acts like no battery is present, i.e. the fan doesn't start, and the red light just styas solid. The same condition exists on 1 of two of the regular size 18V batteries. Leaving them on the charger for 24 hours straight changes nothing.

    I am a contractor with 3 employees, so the drills and tools get a lot of use. I've only had the sets since mid-December, so no "hot" environments yet.

    When I went to Home Depot with the first failed battery, they told me I had to bring the whole set back. Sure enough the warranty in the owners maual says the same thing. But, what a pain.

    Does anyone have any "quick" fixes on resetting the batteries? Has anyone else experienced this problem? I'd appreciate some help if possible.

    Thanks in advance,

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    There is a 90 day return policy on Ridgid tools at HD. Take them back and get brand new ones (Ridgid or any other brand you want).
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      Well, all turns out for the best. I owned the Ridgid 18V 4PC combo (with MAX HC batteries)and 18V 1/2" drill with regular batteries for 140 days. One Home Depot would not take them back, exchange them, or anything other than send me to Ridgid. However, the second Home Depot I checked with was "happy" to issue store credit.

      So, I returned everything, including the "free" jigsaw and it's non-working battery to Home Depot. I then purchased the Dewalt XRP 6 piece set, and 1/2" drill, both with XRP batteries. I also bought the jobsite radio as a bonus for myself and to use up those pesky gift cards.

      I hope Ridgid incorporates some type of reset instead of a thermal fuse in their battery, and fixes the trigger, which is the root problem. The quality of the tools themselves was excellent, but the batteries are quite sub-standard. I had hoped for more based on the tool review in the "Journal of Light Construction" which Ridgid won hands-down.

      So my advice for those with battery issues; get on down to Home Depot and try for store credit, even if past your 90 days. If the first Home Depot doesn't participate, go to another (or back to the same one when a different returns person/manager is on duty.


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        Being a Tron tech by trade what i do (provided i know the battery is good) and the item is out of warranty, is open up the charger and resolder all of your grounds. In most cases i just resolder all the connections on the board. This usually works to fix the Makita chargers and i have fixed a few other brands this way.

        What ends up happening is a couple of things. First of all, especially if the charger sees constant use day in and day out, it is going to get hot. Even in the cool weather the insides are going to get hot. Over time this can cause solder joints to break down some. In addition, the environment these are usually used in, (outdoors dirt/sand/sawdust/etc gets caked on the board itself. Now with the heat, humidity, and schmutz that gets inside these things, it can change the electrical characteristics of the board. A little change in resistance here, an intermittant ground on some circuits etc can cause weird problems. The change in resistance due to corrosion/heated cooled solder solder joints/etc can be ever so slight and the charger will appear to be operating normally but it will indeed only giving a partial charge or cutting out half way through the charge, etc.

        Without giving a lesson on ohm's law and such for those that do not know, think of it as a water hose. You get great water pressure when you first get the hose. As it gets older and starts to break down, maybe gets a few small holes in it, the sprinkler still seems to be working fine but the added resistance is not allowing all the water to get through so your sprinkler hits that far corner. patch the holes and you fix the problem, or remove the kink so the water can flow freely.

        All electronic circuits and components have a tolerance. for example a replacement resistor might be 1kohm +/- 5 ohms.

        So the point being is that over time, heat, etc, even though you and I think it is cool, inside that charger, if it is getting constant use day in and day out, gets pretty hot. this affects your solder joints.

        I do this before i buy any new batteries/etc

        the other thing is to check the contacts on the charger and the battery make sure there is no oxidization. This can be taken care of with a simple eraser most of the times, sometimes you will need a very fine sandpaper. Resistance between the battery and terminals can also cause problems while the charger seems to operate correctly...until one day they all die.

        A good friend of mine swears by makita, and he bought most of his tools before the "combo's" came out. SO he got a charger with every tool. He had 6 or 7 chargers in a box that "quit working". All i did was open them up, clean the boards real good, resolder all the connections, and they were good as new!

        Good luck