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    Will a 4 gallon pancake compressor run a framing nailer, it is rated at 3 CFM but I am not sure if it is enough, The ridgid dual stack says it will run 2 framing nailers at the same time, I am so confused on the proper compressor to buy??????

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    The best way to know if you have enough compressor is to compare the SCFM output of the compressor to the SCFM input required to run your nailer at the manufacturers suggested PSI setting. Generally, most pancake compressors can easily run most nailers.
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      Thanks for the info, I am leaning toward the Ridgid twin stack, and good or bad news on the compressor??


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        I'd stay away from the small pancake or twin stack compressors for framing nailers.

        In theory, you will be able to use your nailer with any compressor, so long as the cut-out pressure (the pressure of the air stored in the tank at which the compressor shuts down) is higher than the regulator setting for your nailer. The former is 125, 135 or 150 psig; the latter is 90 psig. Ergo, any compressor will work. At least for the first nail.

        The issue, rather, is how many nails you can shoot before the tank decays to cut-in pressure (usually on the order of 100 to 110 psig). With the smaller compressors, this won't be more than half a dozen, and the compressor ends up running nearly continuously. Small compressors, particular "oil-less" compressors that employ aluminum cylinders and pistons with nylon or other synthetic rings for lubrication, won't take this kind of duty cycle without failing in very short order.

        If you have a framing nailer, it is because you want to be able to rapid-fire (or, if you understand the difference, "timed fire") a whole bunch of nails, particularly if you're end-nailing studs on a platform-buillt wall or nailing sheathing to the frame. The little compressors aren't up to the task if you're re-sticking the nailer every couple of minutes.

        There are any number of 15-25 gallon 110VAC compressors out there that will handle framing nailers (at least one of them) for only a few dollars more than the small compressors. These are a bit bulkier and heavier than the small jobs, but most come with wheels and a wheelbarrow-like frame and, in my opinion, are far easier to move around than the smaller knee-knockers.

        By the way: I spent 2-1/2 years in Granbury in the latter part of the 1980s. Is "Key Largo" still there?

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          These are a bit bulkier and heavier than the small jobs, but most come with wheels and a wheelbarrow-like frame and, in my opinion, are far easier to move around than the smaller knee-knockers.
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            Thank you so much for the info, I am a part time handy man and do some docks and decks, I do shoot a lot of nails when I am building a deck and the compressor I have does run all the time, I don't really want a huge compressor so I thought the ridgid twin stack could handle the occasional big job and surely keep up with the little finish nailer. I will rethink all that now.
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              If you would really prefer the twin stack or pancake why not just make a auxiliary tank to use with it for the BIG jobs. I have an tank from a compressor that died it has a quick connect and check valve on the tank inlet and pressure gage/regulator and quick connect on the outlet, so I can take the air via a short length of heavy hose from the compressor to the aux. tank still regulating my air flow but adding another 12 (I think) gallons of storage. It also has wheels on it so it moves easy and I don't have to use it.
              Hope this made sense


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                  Clara is now with adult probation, her X husband Allen, is the sheriff , he is on his 3rd wife since clara,and has been defeated in the current election so his days are over. I do not know price, the Sheriff dept is way to busy to run radar but Granbury police do it all the time, Clara is a very neat lady and takes 0 crap from the probies, I would not care to meet her in a dark alley. check out for a link to the local paper online.