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Recharging off inverters

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  • Recharging off inverters

    I've got the dual charger with an 18v setup. I am setting up solar electric at a remote site and I'm looking to buy a small inverter. I've read on various power inverter web sites that some rechargers cannot be run off a modified sine wave inverter, and your must, therefore, use the (more expensive) true sine wave inverter. Which type of inverter should I get for using my Ridgid charger.

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    I have a 800 watt coleman inverter (modified sine wave) and it won't run any of my chargers (18 volt ryobi, 9.6 volt makita or 14.4 volt dewalt) It will run my 1/2 drive snap-on 120 volt 7.5 amp impact gun. I will be finding out if it will run a ridgid charger soon though. I'm gettin the 18 volt combo pack in about a week. I will let you know if it works.


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      I don't know if this will help you, but I use a Husky 350 watt inverter I got at HD to charge batterys with, it has worked with my Ridgid charger just fine.
      Sorry I don't know if its a modified sine wave or not?


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        A NiCad battery "rapid" charger, or any device that includes a switching power supply, or any device that depends on zero voltage crossing points should NEVER be run on an MSW inverter. It is not that the charger won't work; it will be destroyed.

        The charger may or may not work on a PSW inverter (though not one of only 350 watts capacity), but even if it does, this is a horribly inefficient way of charging batteries.

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          Re: Recharging off inverters

          my craftsman charger says not to use it on any inverter and says there is a risk of damage if used on an inverter. It is fo Ni-Cad bateries. Can lithium ion chargers be used on inverters?


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            Re: Recharging off inverters

            I suspect that with the "greening" of America all sorts of electronics will have to be re-evaluated and "upgraded" to work with inverter systems.

            What happens when you install a bank of PV panels on your roof to run your office or house off of when sunlight is available? Do these systems output pure sine wave AC? Or will your computer, TV, and TiVo be toast? Will your cell phone charger work off of modified sine wave AC? There are a host of other appliances that need to be considered.
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