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R841150/51 Drill/Hammer

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  • R841150/51 Drill/Hammer

    Few questions:
    - On the web page, the R841151 appears, but instructions show the R841150. They seem equal, but different form factor. Are both available?
    - Can you turn off the hammer feature, for example to drill screws into a wall?
    - Is the hammer function worth the extra $$$ over the 18v X2?

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    I can answer some of your questions.

    As for the hammer function you turn it on only when needed, otherwise its just a standard drill. I do tile and stone work, so half the time I use the hammer function and the rest is just attaching cement board and plywood. I do however have a big roto-hammer when I need to drill big holes in concrete etc 1/2" or bigger, I don't doubt that my ridgid x2 could drill these hole, just its quicker for me.

    I personally went with the 4 piece combo kit and have already used all the tools a bunch. All of them exceeded my expectations. And with a lifetime warranty, I'll deffintaly get my moneys worth.

    If your decision is between 18v x2 hammerdrill and the 18v x2 its a hard choice b/c both are going to be great tools, but if you ever need the hammer function its worth the 30 extra bucks. I don't know if they offer the hammerdrill other then pistol grip other then in the combo kit so thats another thing to consider. As I love pistol grip drills for drilling and mixing, but find them unwieldy as a driver.

    hope that helps, as I'm unsure if I said what I wanted to say or just got off on a tangent.



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      Thanks for your answers, very helpfull.
      Jus wondering, what do you mean by 'pistol grip'? Does it look like the X2 or like corded drils?

      Check this page out, here is my confusion. Kits show pistol grip like you say (I think), but standalones show this one...

      18v Drill/hammer


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        The pistol grip will be like on corded drills and is offered on the standalone 18v x2 hammerdrill.

        The hammerdrill in the combo kit and the standalone 18v x2 has what I think is referred to as an ergonomical grip. With the handle in the center of the drill to make it easy to keep it level while working one handed.