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Electric motor conversion

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  • Electric motor conversion

    Does anyone know if an electric motor can be plugged to a batterie?

    This is the type of motor (made for a skid wrap machine).
    Type: CS
    PH: 1
    HP: 1/3
    RPM: 1725
    V: 115/230
    AMP: 5.8/2.9
    HZ: 60
    SF: 1
    rating: Cont.
    Class: B

    I would like to build my boys a mini 4x4 or perhaps make an elevator for a tree house.

    Can this be done?
    If anyone can give me a few pointers that would be great.
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    Not very easily. This is an AC motor (60 hz) and running at household LINE voltage (115/230 VAC). Now, you could get a power "inverter" that can convert 12 volts to 115 VAC, but to drive close to 1000 watts you'll need a very large converter and at least 1 or 2 car batteries. That motor is also spinning at an RPM that would be quite difficult to apply directly to either of your purposes. It's completely the wrong type of motor.

    You would probably be better off looking for something like a DC gearhead motor. These typically have RPMs anywhere from 60-400 RPM and can easily be driven by a small garden tractor type battery.