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  • Torque???

    Does the hammer drill that comes with the 4 piece set (R922) have 510 in-lbs. of torque like the webpage says (, or does it have 485 in-lbs. of torque like the box it comes in says?

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    I called -Its 485


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      You should understand that a 5% variation in an impulse-type tool is meaningless; for any practical purpose, the two numbers are the same.


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        Also, if you will look closely at the pic on the web site and the pic on the box that you saw 485 in-lbs on, the drills are different. There was one visible change in the drill design after the tools were introduced where the handle was moved behind the clutch setting ring. The drill rated at 510 in-lbs is the newly revamped drill. The drill rated on the box as 485 in-lbs is the original design with the handle in front of the clutch ring. Apparently, there was some change necessitating an increase in the torque rating with the newly revamped drill or the original rating was accurate.

        I live in Huntsville, Al where we have 4 Home Depots in the area. All had the 4-piece set with the new drill but none had the 3-piece set with the new drill. All the 3-piece sets were the old drill with the handle in front of the clutch ring. I drove to the Cool Springs Home Depot in TN and found the 3-piece set with the handle behind the clutch ring and rated for 510 in-lbs on the box. I bought it. Just because I wanted the newer drill and the handle clamps down better on the larger clamping surface behind the clutch.

        By the way, all cordless drills in the Ridgid line have had the handle moved behind the cluth ring and will eventually show up in all the stores.

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