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  • 13" Planer

    I apologize if this topic has already been covered but I was wondeering if Ridgid had a better dust collection attachment for their 13" planer. My planer works great and I have a strong Delta dust collector, but because of the shape of the dust collector attachment, shavings ALWAYS get clogged in the attachment in the end furthest from the hose.

    Also, the bottom of the dust collector attachment is not attached to the planer and their is a large gap. Even when I manage to close this gap, I still have a problem with shavings getting clogged in the attachmnent.

    Does anyone know of a way to fix this problem or if Ridgid has designed a better dust collector attachment for this planer?


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    I notice on the bottom of my Delta planer There was some 3/8" thick form on the bottom. Dose ridgid use form on the bottom of the dust collection?
    Andy B.


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      There is no foam on the bottom of the dust collector attachment of the planer. In fact, it only attaches at the top, leaving a gap at the bottom.