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  • Planer Blade Bolts

    Borrowed Planer from friend, who said another friend really ran it hard so I might want to change blades. The blades installed were the original blades. I could get all but 1 nut loosened. I can't believe how tight they all were. There is no way to get that last nut off. Yes it is now rounded off and yes I tried narrow vise grips and other implements. Who installed them so tight and what's with the teeny nuts/bolts on this?

    I ended up taking cutoff wheel on dremel tool and cut the stupid thing off. How do I replace the bolt and nut? How unsafe would it be to run with this one nut and bolt gone? It is the middle nut/bolt.

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    Follow the link below to order the part, as for running it with a screw missing, well it may be over engineered a bit but if they (Ridgid) felt they could safely get by with one less screw trust me it would have been eliminated from the design.
    Ridgid Parts


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      Thanks, looks like part number 827785...I think I'll order a half dozen while I am at it.


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        Wrench wasn't in the storage compartment?
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          Yep, the little teeny weeny wrench was there. But not enough tool to get loose the one that King Kong tightened with his air wrench. Most of them were pretty darn tight.