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Ridgid Planer Problem

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  • Ridgid Planer Problem

    I am having a feed problem on my Ridgid TP1300 planer. I recently ran 300' of 4/4 Oak through my planer. The last board or two that I sent through the planer would not grip/feed through the machine. I dusted the machine and wiped the rollers down with a dry cloth, but this did not solve my problem. I was removing about 1/32" to 3/64" of an inch with each pass - definitely not overloading the machine by any means. What kind of chemical can I clean the rollers with to solve the feed problem or is there possibly something else wrong?

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    Clean and wax the infeed and outfeed tables. One of the posts here say that and the rollers are the number one item. It must be true 'cause I haven't had any problems. Rick


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      I remembered a post dealing with this from the previous moderator here posted quite some time ago. His name was Jake. As yet, I have not needed to follow his advice as my planer is 'keepin on' 'goin on'.

      Check it out:

      "1300 planer rollers"

      Good luck.



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        I had the same problem until i waxed the infeed and outfeed tables. Seems to have fixed the problem for me.