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  • DC to AC power inverter

    Hi, Does anyone know whether or not I can use the Ridgid charger with an inverter (cig. lighter plug on one end; recept. on other end)Will this damage the charger or truck? Is there a certain type or brand that must be used? I want to be able to charge the batteris in the truck if I have to. I know I can use this inverter for the laptop and other low volt. equip. etc. Help if you can.

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    As long as the inverters output matches the chargers input, then you should be fine.


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      I have a Xantrex Prowatt 1000 Watt inverter in my van and it works fine with that. The dual HC charger can pull 240 Watts so a small cigarette lighter inverter may not have the required power.
      I have also heard that the simple (cheap) squarewave inverters do not work with the chargers but the modified square wave Xantrex works. Try it, if it doesn't work take it back and get a better inverter


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        I have one that is rated as 350 watts continuous that i have had for about 12 years. I run my battery chargers off of it all the time in my service truck. Bought it at Harbour freight, about 35 bucks
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