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R2600 MicroFiber Pad Replacement

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  • R2600 MicroFiber Pad Replacement

    Hi all, new to this board
    I have a ridigd sander model r2600, the MicroFiber Pad which is used to attach the sand paper to is becoming worn out and the sand paper no longer sticks to the pad. I have looked all over but I have come up with nothing.
    does anyone know where I would be able to purchase a new MicroFiber Pad to replace my old one?

    *also made same post in general dicussion, sorry if i'm not suppose to.


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    kird, welcome to the board. I think that after you've been here awhile you'll see that its not necessary to double post a question. Most of the folks that come here usually check out all the different forums anyway so there's a very excellent chance that any question or comment will be seen by all.
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