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  • OLD...OLD bench grinder

    i came across a great buy at a garage sale on an OLD craftsman bench grinder. was doing some research for parts and found out they are no longer available. no worries there!

    my question is this.

    i pulled it a part and am cleaning it up. on the shaft, on either side is a bushing which is approx 1 1/2" long. it appears to be what the plate buts up against to mount the grinding wheel(s) and/or wire brush.

    anyway...on one side this bushing is attached to the shaft. on the other side, the bushing is loose and spins around the shaft. is this a problem? do i need to secure this shaft or is it oh that it moves.

    if i have to secure it somehow i was thinking of either drilling and tapping a small hole and installing a set screw or, welding it to the shaft.

    which would be better if it does need to be secured?


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    All the machines I have had apart (work and home) the shaft spins in the bushing. Usually you will find that the shaft material is harder than the casing material. if it has not worn the casing too much you may be able to clean up the bushing and put it back with JB Weld or epoxy. you could also try a new bushing with a slightly larger OD


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      When you say the one bushing is attached to the shaft, is it attached with a mechanical fastener such as a set screw or is it just stuck? I would think the bushings should have a slight clearance fit on the shaft. When you tighten the grinding wheel it will bear against the bushing and the bushing will spin with the shaft. Try some penetrating oil on the one bushing and see if it frees up. I would definately not weld on the shaft-could easily weaken or bend it! Good luck.
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