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    I have seen these rolls of 4 inch wide by many feet long [img]redface.gif[/img] sandpaper and wondered if there were some type of super strong tape whereby one could make their own 4" x 24" sandpaper loops for something like the PC sander?

    Any of you ever done such and if so, what did you use to join the ends to form a loop and how did you do it

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    I've seen the Ads in catalogs of course, but if I recall correctly, the particular brand at a local store didn't seem to be strong enough to support the kind of stress a belt sander would put on it. The paper seemed to be of normal weight/thickness and not the heavy cloth type backing that sanding belts are made of. But of course this was only what the local store had.

    As far as adhesive, I would imagine that anything like Gorilla glue would work okay, but you'd have to get the grit off the area where it overlapped so that you'd be glueing the backing cloth together rather than the backing to the grit surface.

    Just a thought, as I've never tried it,