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    Have air compressor's gone the way of the power tools these days? Anyone know who is making Ridgid's and are they any good? I am looking at getting a larger compressor and want to get the best for my money. I always thought Ingersoll Rand was the best Pneumatic wise, but I was talking to my friend who is a snap on dealer and he was telling me that they have had a lot of problems with them, in fact apparently snap on quit selling them offically. He was saying that snap on's are made by a private company and are very well made these days. HE would not have recommended them a few years back.

    I have a hard time buying anything with the craftsman name on it anymore,(power wise) even though my local sears hardware is going out of business and has quite a bit off their pneumatic tools and compressors.

    Who is the best out there for the money these days?

    I don't need a heavy duty one. Just want one that I can use in the garage, will run my nailers but also can handle a drill, die grinder, and an impact wrench.

    MIGHT consider getting an air gun and using it to spray stains and such, but doubtful.

    Missed this one in the local penny saver...

    someone was selling a 140 PSI 50 gallon compressor for $80.00

    Called to get the details and got the answering mach. Never called back so I assume he sold it.

    Wish I could have at least seen that one

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    i have a BLACK MAX no it is not the title to a pron movie lol i got mine at lowes 50 gal 110-220v motor tiwn cyl 15 scfm at 40 psi 9.2 scfm at 120 135 psi max for $475 2 years ago i love it
    9/11/01, never forget.