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    I am in the processes of starting a deck building business and I am looking for some help on choosing the "right" chop box.

    I am considering Ridgids 12" single bevel, Makita's 10" sliding or Ridgids 12" sliding. I own both brand of tools and like them booth, so brand is not the issue.

    Can anyone suggest either of these and why or something not listed here?

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    If it were me and the only choices I had were the three you listed then my pick would be the Makita LS1013. Actualy, if there were even more choices my pick would still be the Makita.

    I like the fact that the cut capacities of the 10" Makita are nearly the same as many 12" sliders but the size and weight make it much more portable. The stock blade that comes with the Makita is also very high quality so you don't have the added expense of having to replace the OEM blade like on other saws.

    I could be wrong on this but I think this is the last week of the Makita $75 rebate program on this saw. With the rebate, you should be able to pick-up this saw for around $425.

    They don't have them available all the time but when they do, Harbor Freight has had reconditioned LS1013's for around $360.
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      I second badger dave on this one!
      Buy the LS1013


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        Yeah, Makita makes a nice saw---as to stock blades---big thumbs up for DeWalt as well.

        For deck jobs, I'd also look at Rigid's miter saw table----it's one of the better ones for the price.