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cleaning router bits

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  • cleaning router bits

    Purchased my first router recently and noticed that after some work with pine, the router bits had a build up or gummy coating on them. Any suggestions on how best to clean them?

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    Simple Green and a tooth brush.
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      I use CMT 2050. it is non toxic as well. spary on, let sit for a few minutes then wipe off the pitch. For stubborn spots either let it soak longer or use the toothbrush


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        I've successfully used Simple Green, Goo Gone or Goof Off citrus cleaners, Dawn, and Boeshields Blades n Bit cleaner. All seem to do a good job with a stiff brush.


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          Be sure and remove the bearing if the bit has one so that you do not damage it with the cleaning solution. I use synthetic oil inside the bearings to increase the lifespan.
          Solvent or a neutral ph cleaner is best as not to attack the braze on the carbide.


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            There is a very good test in a recent issue of Wood magazine IIRC. (the new one out) they tested a bunch of different cleaners. The ones that did the best were made for cleaning blades and bits. I also believe that there is a how to arcticle on router bits in one of the new mags as well. It could be Wood, but I can't remember.