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  • More Information and clarification of my post

    I am sorry I neglected to mention that this grinder is 2 years old. It do not believe it is still under warranty and even if it is the receipt is long gone. I will gladly pay for the repair if need be.

    I just need the location of a place to send or take then grinder in and have it looked at. Some place besides Ontario CA because they told me it wasn't worth fixing.

    I am on the West Coast and by the time I get in the Factory back east if already closed.

    Thanks, Free

    Thanks Free

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    Call Ridgid Customer Service and run the story by them. Also ask for the closest, other service center in your area. Actually, you should be able to find that information here on this web site. (I'll look and post a link with an "edit" to this message later tonight.)

    Here is the link to the first of four pages, listing California service centers:

    Regarding your lost receipt, if you can pin down the exact day and store ID where your purchase was made, you can get a new receipt from the Home Depot Atlanta office. Perhaps you can check your credit card bill or cancelled check to pin that date down. Also you tools, SN has a manufacturer's date code which should be with a few months of your purchase.

    All Ridgid tools come with a 3-year warranty, so if you've only had it a couple of years, you are still in luck. But, if you have registered your tool, you may have the Limited Lifetime Service Agreement, under which you are good for life!

    I hope this helps,


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