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hot batteries not charging

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  • hot batteries not charging

    while very impressed with the ridgid drill in general i find that when the battery gets worked while i am screwing on a roof it refuses to charge.
    sometime it refuses to charge for over an hour.. by this time both of my batteries are dead and i am loosing valuable timestaring at the blinking red light..
    i returned the first ridgid that did this to me and now after talking to other roofers and again experiencing this i know it must be the batteries..
    is there some trick to fix this?

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    Yes the trick is to keep the charger in a cool area. The problem is on page 10 of the 18V drill, "When the battery pack becomes discharged and is hot, the green LED will be off and the red LED will begin flashing. When the battery pack cools down to approximately 104°F (40°C), the charger will automatically begin fast charge mode." I bet even in the shade you will be above 104°F in Florida on some days. Even up here in the summer the charger must be in the shade to function, you may need to find a cooler spot for the charger.


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      Seems to me an ice-chest and a couple of frozen milk jugs of water would be a quick and easy solution....
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        I thought everyone would know by now the fastest way to ruin a battery is to charge it when it is hot. I don't think any good charger sold after 2002 will charge a hot battery and I also thought that was common knowledge.

        We keep our chargers in the cool shade and have even resorted to placing them in coolers. We have found we can continously use our tools if we have three batteries. One being used, one cooling down and one charging. I have also been told not to place batteries in the freezer or to attempt to charge them if they are below room temp.

        Perhaps you might think about using corded tools. If your doing roofs you can run one or two extension cords and do the whole job.
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          The batteries will not charge until they have cooled down.....the charger has nothing to do with it. If you read the owners manual, it states that if the batteries are hot the charger will not charge the batteries until they have cooled. It doesnt matter if you have your charger in the sun or shade. Batteries...period will not charge if they are much for the 20 min. charge...huh!?
          Also, you dont want quick charges on batteries cause they in the long run kills them...not a smart idea!