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    Looking to buy woodworking tools for shop. Have looked at Table Saw TS3650, Joiner/Plainer JP0610, 12 Sliding Compound, and 13 inch planer. Like the looks of rigids tools, Wanted input from those who own tools or those who would make other recommendations.

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    Welcome, if you use the "Search" feature you will be able to see tons of info regarding all the tools you mentioned. For the best results, I'd recommend that you do a search for each individual tool one at a time.
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      Would like feedback from someone who has used ridgids' 13 inch thickness planner. I have used dewalts planer and wondered if anyone has used both to give me a comparison.


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        I have the RIDGID 13" planer and have been very pleased with it. I have not used other units so cannot give you a comparison.

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          Thanks, for your comment. It looks like a sturdy planer just wanted comment from someone who has used it.