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Bateery auto ejecting!

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  • Bateery auto ejecting!

    Been boring through some floor joists with the hammerdrill driver from the 4pc combo set. I did not have it set to hammer function but when the boring got ruff, a lot of vibration the battery would pop off all on its lonesome. Pretty tuff case survived the 8 plus foot falls without a mork. Why is it doing this? Any help, my other battery hasn't done this once. I don't see any difference between them. Thanks all John I am very happy with this set so far just a little diappointed in this problem. I upgradedfrom a firestorm set precisely for this reason. Thanks again and Merry Christmas. John

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    I have had the same problem when using a 1" spade bit to bore through 2x4 studs. Drilling allong then the battery just falls to the floor. This and the bag are my only two complaints so far.


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      Rollisd did both your batteries do this? I marked mine and only one is doing it and only when boring joists. John


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        if it's less than 90 days, take it back and swap for new unit, if this is your business, it would be annoying.



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          I am sure I'm over 90 and I just put the other battery in for the over head stuff. Funny I dont see any difference in them but thought ridgid should know just in case. I was more concerned it would wind up being a issue with all their batteries. The lack of replies saying me to leeds me to belive that it is a random event, I hope. John


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            Seems to be both batteries. Friend of mine has had it happen once. I can't seem to find a pattern. Doesn't happen every time, only when you least expect it.