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Ridgid Compressor shuts down

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  • Ridgid Compressor shuts down

    I have a Ridgid 4.5 Gallon Oil Free Air Compressor.
    Model OF45150. Sometimes when I plug it in it refuses to turn on. At other times it starts but as I use it it cuts out and won't restart. The circuit is fine and no breakers are tripped. Power just doesn't seem to get to the compressor. It seems to be getting worse. Any idea as to what the problem is? I purchased it last summer and have used it for maybe 20 hours. I'm trying to use it to spray paint shutters but can't get it to run long enough to do the job. Thanks.

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    What is the scfm requirement of the spray gun you're using? It could be that you're overtaxing the compressor and it's overheating.

    A compressor that small isn't normally suitable for spray painting. It might work if you only spray in very short bursts and keep the recycle times to a minimum by letting the compressor cool down between shutters.
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