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is miter gauge channel on TS3650 a standard size?

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  • is miter gauge channel on TS3650 a standard size?


    I plan to buy the TS3650 table saw. Someone told me that the miter gauge channel (is that the right word?) is not the standard (3/4") size. Is that true? I have heard this is true for Craftsman, so it would not surprise me to learn that it's also true for Ridgid. Will I be locked into using only Ridgid accessories, or do standard accessories work in most cases? Thanks,


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    Don't know about the 3650, but all the previous Ridgid saws had the same size slot as did their Craftsman predisessors. The interesting thing is that "standard" is kind of a questionable issue. For example, the Delta accessories and saws have a slot slightly over 3/4", while the old Ridgids were just a hair under 3/4". IMHO, it's actually an advantage to have the smaller slot, since you can fairly easily sand down a guide to make it fit the smaller slot---I did this when I bought a Delta tennoning jig. Now, on some brands, like Incra, you can adjust the guides to fit any sized slot.

    The only disadvantage is that if you have a Ridgid TS, but have another brand band saw or other tool with a miter slot, your Ridgid gauges, etc. will be sloppy and you'll likely want to buy separate gauges.


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      The old gray ridgid table saws had smaller miter slots than the sears saw!
      Andy B.


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        The TS3650.....current model in the HD's has the industry standard miter slot. I use after market attachments on mine without any modification. Not so on the older gray models.


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          The miter slot on my TS3650 is actually about 0.755, which makes for a pretty good fit for standard 3/4" width stock for wooden runners without having to sand a whole lot, if any. The depth is about 1/32" over 3/8".

          I think this is pretty much a standard size miter slot as Woodndust has stated.


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            There once was a very informative post in this forum by Jake Schnarre on this subject; if it is retrievable by search, it would be worth the effort. Strictly from memory, the gist went like this:

            There is no such thing as a 3/4" slot for 3/4" bars. If they both were exactly 3/4", the bar wouldn't fit in the slot.

            Delta (nee Rockwell) standardized on a 3/4" bar, with a slot just enough larger than 3/4" to pass the 3/4" bar. Emerson (then selling to Sears for the Craftsman label) standardized on the 3/4" slot, with the bar just enough under 3/4" to fit in the slot.

            A Rockwell bar (or one based on the Rockwell standard) won't fit in an Emerson (or older Craftsman) slot, because both are exactly 3/4".


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              To add a little information, The new 3650 has a T-slot setup , while the old gray versions has no t-slot. To me, the t-slot is better for larger parts on the saw because the miter guage is held in and won't fall on the floor if pulled back a little further than necessary.

              As far as the slot size goes, most of the major aftermarket people making the better guages now undersize their bars to something like .745 and they fit perfectly into the old miter slot. The Incra 1000SE that I have fit perfect after I removed the plastic bushings. For larger slots, most now provide bushings to take any and all slop out of the slot.


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                I have a TS2424 grey, the miter slot is 3/4 X 3/8
                Standard accessories fit fine.