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    I've done a search on the subject here and can't seem to find a tenoning jig that will for sure work on my TS3650.
    I bought the Rockler Heavy Duty jig, and if the bar is in one slot I can't move the fence any closer than about 1/2 inch from the blade, if it's in the other slot then the base is about 1/2 from the blade. So much for the 3 1/4" capacity.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Well, as you might have guessed from my previous post, the Rockler tenoning jig isn't the greatest solution for the TS3650.
    However, I went back and traded up to the Delta model 34-183. (The one I was going to buy in the first place)It is almost exactly the same as the Rockler. Almost. The Rockler jig has 2 slots milled into the base for the guide rail. 1 for right tilt and 1(supposedly)for left tilt saws.
    The Delta has the same 2 adjustment points but no slot. The bottom is flat. This allowed me to drill 2 new holes in the base for the guide rail and permits the jig to zero-out against the blade and still gives me full range away from the blade. BTW I used it tonight and it works great.


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      Can you tell us where you drilled the new holes: how far from either of the factory set of holes?