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Which Ridgid X2 Cordless Drill?

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  • Which Ridgid X2 Cordless Drill?

    I am going to be purchasing a Ridgid X2 cordless drill soon and am trying to decide which one I should get. Here are some of the considerations I am making.

    First, the drills under consideration are the 18V X2 and the 14V X2.

    Second, assume that the price difference between the two does not matter in the consideration o this purchase.

    Third, consider what I will be using this for. I do a lot of general woodworking in my shop. This includes building various simple and prettier pieces of furniture. I also do a lot of general home improvement and remodelling. Recently I built a garden bench and arbor out of redwood for my sister.

    Fourth, consider weight. Normally this whole question of "which drill" would be silly as I would automatically go with the more powerful drill. However, I had a 18V Firestorm cordless drill that died a while back, and the extra weight was annoying.

    Lastly, anything else that I should be considering? I hear that the X2 drills are great, and since I have a thing for Ridgid tools, that works for me as well.

    Thank you for your time and thoughts.

    BTW. The 18V hammer drill is pretty much of of the consideration since I already have a plenty powerful corded hammer drill (also by ridgid)...

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    I have the 18V combo and the drill is heavy. I use my yellow 14.4 for general tasks and my teal 7.2 for assembly work. I would not even consider using the 18V as a general purpose screw gun, it is just way too heavy and 42 ft lb of torque will break most screws (or drive them right through). Have a look at the 14.4 impact as well, I find it in my hand more and more often, it is light, fast 0-2800 rpm, and will drive anything R82320 .