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different chucks on X2 hammers

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  • different chucks on X2 hammers

    This may be a stupid question but I noticed the X2 drill/drivers have locking single handed chucks. But the X2 drill/driver/hammer that came with my 3 piece doesn't. No big deal just wondering why. To keep price down or does the two hand job work better then the one.

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    My Milwaulkee hammer drills have locking single sleeve chucks and carbide teeth. I have some older ones that are not single sleeve. The single sleeve are better and the Milwalkee drills do not clunk on brake. They grip as tight as anything I have used and ratchet as well. I got them on clearance for $100 when they were replaced by the Ridgid line which I think is not as good as the "Red" brand. I do not like the HD effect on Ridgid and Ryobi lines. I have some older Ryobi tools that were made in Japan and are as good as any, before the became like B&D. Why make a high end tool that has no replacement brushes?(for example)


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      the best chuck i have seen in the past 2 years as arepairman is the milw. loctor chuck.