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TS 3650 HercuLift assembly

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  • TS 3650 HercuLift assembly

    On page 29 of the Manual in step 5, they mention,

    "Center the upper tubes between the lower tubes and tighten all hardware at this time beginning with the four (4) screws attaching the plate assembly to the tubes."

    From what I can guess, it seems to mean that I need to tighten the 'lock nuts' (nuts with nylon inserts that seem to stop the screw from going thru fully, under normal hand-tightening, but will way give when using any wrench/spanner) that I used to assemble the lower and upper lift assemblies, all the way with wrenches, so that there's no 'play' any more. I'm also guessing that the similar arrangement used to attach the lower and upper lifts to the braces on legs, should not be tightened all the way and should only be tightened enough so that the end of the screw shaft is flush with the bottom surface of the lock nut.

    In other words, there should be no play in the screw/nut pairs that hold the lower lift together, and the upper lift together. But there should be play in the four screw/nut pairs at the corners where the lifts are attached to the leg braces.

    Please confirm or correct my assumption.