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Problem with new slide compound saw

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  • Problem with new slide compound saw

    I both a 12 Inch Dual Bevel Slide Compount Miter Saw Model MS1290. I'm having a problem with the saw won't cut a square line. I've adjusted the slide tube. Also adjusted the blade square to the fence.
    I'm using a 1 X 10 jointed on 1 edge and this is the edge used against the fence. When you make a cut the center of the board bows out away from the square line that is made with a true square. Both the front and the back of the board is cut right on the line. BradMan can you help? I tried the technical service but something is wrong with their system.


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    Dusty01: Gee-I'm not sure. The cutting head and rails(slide tubes) are "locked-in" pretty tight. It's hard to believe they are acutally causing the blade to move that way. More likely something is making the blade deflect. Do me a favor, referring to the manual go back and recheck and re-align(if necessary) the saw. Pay particular attention to the "Blade Square to Table(Bevel Adjustment)". If the saw has bevel heel it may be cutting in the manner you described. Another thing to try, lock the cutting head and try using the saw like a traditional miter saw. Can you get a square cut like this? When cutting in the "slide mode" make sure and do the actual cutting on the push stroke-towards the fence(refer to the manual). One last thing, take a close look at the blade. If it is bad it may be causing your problem. Do you have another blade to maybe try out. Sorry this is so long-hope it's not too confusing. Let us know how you made out. Thanks!


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      I also purchased a ms1290. I have adjusted everything per the manual. Yet I believe I have the same issue as you.

      What I believe is causing this is the material hold down screw. When I tighten the screw down on the material ( in this case it was a 1x12 board), the screw reacts when seated against the material by lifting the horizontal bar it is also threaded through. This horizontal bar then creates a bending moment about the post that is inserted into the base ( there is not enough length of engagement here to prevent this angular motion).

      Anyhow, the screw now seats on the material at an angle; continued turning of the screw now pushes the material away from the fence. When you loosen up on the screw, you will see the gap between the material and the fence close.

      Try this on your saw and tell me if you see the same situation. This is a poorly designed material holdown. I have already emailed RIDGID about this, and am awaiting a reply.


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        First I want to thank both of you for answering my post.
        bdueker, When I first got the saw I went true the set-up steps per the manual. Verifing all was square and adjusted properly. When I found this problem I started checking further. I rechecked the fence square to the blade also square to the table. My squares are true. I also used a framing square to get out further from the fence, and adjusted again. I also checked the slide tube like it says in the manual and adjusted what little play that was in there. But I will try this again.

        jimr, The first time I used the saw I did not use the hold down screw. I held it by hand, I also used a piece of 3/4" plywood to get out to the max of the slide. I thought that I had move the piece of wood. So I used the hold down and it still did the same thing. I thought that somehow the plywood was deflecting the blade. I tryed a piece of 1X10 pine that I jointed on 1 edge so that I new it would be flat on the fence and it still did the same thing. I to think possibly the blade is defective. I have another 12 in. blade except it has a thicker kerf. Iwill try this out.

        Yesterday I called the technical service and the person I talked to was stumped also. He was going to look at a saw and call me back. As of this moment no call.

        Again thanks, and I will get back to both of you.



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          Bdueker, and jimr,

          I went back and re-adjusted the the fence to the saw and the bevel to the saw. It still did the same thing.
          I had another blade from another cut off say and put it on to check the bevel. I notice when I set the bevel square to the blade and titen everything the saw was square at the end, but when I pulled the saw out on the slides it would go out of square.
          And it still cut out when cutting a 1X12.
          I then re-adjusted the bevel with the blade pulled out on the slide just about a quarter of the way out. When I checked the bevel all the way out and at different spots on the slide it stayed square.
          I cut some scraps, the 2x4's cut square, the 1x4 also cut square. The 1x12 still did not cut square.
          When I cut the 2x4 on a 45* it cut square and at 45*.
          Now I will put the original blade back on and see what hapends. The old blade is about 1 year old and a little dull. I think it was good enough just to test.

          I'm not sure what else to do? Any suggestion?