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  • cordless tools

    Who actually makes/manufactures you cordless tool line. Ive been told from people at home depot that it is either sears craftsman or ryobi.Any help would be great.
    Thanks, Barry

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    Well it shouldn't take too long to find your answer if you do a search.

    most corded drills, and jig saw, germany-metabo
    most other tools, one world technologies

    but the ridgid line is not carbon copies of any other brand so you can't compare them to ryobi, craftmen. Some my argue but the numbers don't lie.


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      I find it hard to believe that HD employee's are stating the ridgid line is mad buy sears craftsmen. Craftmen doesn't make their tools.


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        Although Ryobi claims that their tools are sold "exclusively through The Home Depot," I find it interesting and informative that my local Sears also has them on the shelf. I won't claim that this means anything to the topic at hand, but there it is.....


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          Re: cordless tools

          i really like some of the tools in the one+ system and i am waiting for crafsman to introduce a few of them in their C3 system, one thing is though ryobi doesnt have a remote control truck