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18volt chuck problem

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  • 18volt chuck problem

    I purchased an 18volt Ridgid combo set, and noticed the chuck has a wobble. Went back to HD and so did the display models, all of them. Does anybody know if this is normal or is it a defect? Asked the HD people and they don't know! I forgot to add, it's the "Hammerdrill" if it matters.

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    I also found a wobble in the 18v hammer drill I bought (in the combo). Took it back and exchanged it. New one is fine.


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      I have found the wobble also... in my first drill and in the exchange unit...What's up? I have not taken my second one back as of yet because I just opened the case today to check on the new one when I read the forum. I emailed Ridgid to see what their explanation is and if they have addressed the problem. Thank goodness for the lifetime warranty, however what a pain to always have to return who knows how many drills.


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        I called the customer service number and spoke with the tech named "Cory Henry". He was not aware of the problem, but is sending me a new one! But he would like to hear from others with the same defect,& where they are being purchased, so those can be pulled and replaced also. I haven't gotten the new one yet, but when it arrives I will update this message.


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          My 1/2" from my 3 pce had a wobble as well.

          Took it back to HD, and they replaced it with a good one.


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            howdy gents. sorry to be off the topic, but i was wondering if I should purchase the 1/2 inch chuck drill or the 3/8 chuck. Just using it for basic woodworking needs.


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              If you are talking about just doing the odd "honey-do" jobs around the house, or the occasional small woodworking project, a 3/8" should be all that you need. If you think that you might get into serious do-it-yourself, large-scale projects, I would suggest you go ahead and get the 1/2" with more power. You may be glad you did later on. As your interests and courage to tackle large jobs grow, you will probably want both.

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                My 12v x2 has the wobble, and all the other x2's at my HD have it also. All the non x2's were tight. I am using it as is and there aren't any useage problems. I would return it but they are out of stock since the sale. It isn't the chuck that wobbles on mine, it is the front bearing. As for 3/8 vs. 1/2 in. chucks, the thing important is the 3/8 will take a smaller drill. I wanted the 1/2 in and carbide jaws. I am very happy with this drill even with the wobble.


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                  wait til you need it for a precision hole. It'll drive you nuts. You never know what you will need your drill for until you actually need that function.

                  IMHO a wobble in the chuck is unacceptable. Ridgid or any other brand. I'd replace it.



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                    If you look on the main forum page and down several topics you will see that I've had the same problem. I have my third one and plan to take it back. It is unfortunate because I wanted to trust the Ridgid brand. The tools look and feel good and give the impression of being durable and powerful. This has really changed my mind. I will stick with Dewalt & Milwaukee. I was going to purchase the big table saw but now.
                    Good luck to all,