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14" Band Saw Vibration

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  • 14" Band Saw Vibration

    I recently purchased the BS1402. I have it all set up and tuned but I get a fair amount of vibration when its running. I tried adjusting the tension on the drive belt but I'm not having much success. How much vibration is "normal" and what tips can anybody offer on how to reduce/eliminate the vibration? Thanks for your help. As an aside, what's the difference between the BS1400, 1401 and 1402? I think I've seen all three referenced in various places.

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    My 1402 runs fairly smooth & quiet. I'd like to know the differences between the models too.
    (Glad my 1402 isn't bright orange!)


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      Not sure how much vibration is enough. I recently purchased the BS1400 also. When setting it up I noticed the tire was tore. Of course it run with out it so I called Ridgid for a new one. They said it was BO and would arrive on the 13th of Feb or so. Over the past wekend I went to HD to see if I could get one off the floor model. I did, and went home to see my new (4 week old) band saw run. Started to use it on a simple...see how this thing works project. After about 30 minutes ( total time of turning off and onn) I noticed a slight vibration. After checking everything and referencing the owner's manual. I dicided to wait to tomorrow (today) and make some adjustments. Before I could get to the work shop, I received a call from HD informing me that my miter gague and rip fence is BO till mid March and Mid May. I bought this BS about the third week of Jan and have just now been able to use it...sort of. With the wait of two crutial parts and still have not received the tire. I am taking it back to HD and have already ordered a Grizzly 14" G0555. I don't have the time to wait and see if this will or won't work out. I also purchased a Ridgid Drill Press, Radial Arm Saw, 13" Planner and Joiter. After set up and some alignment. I have been able to use these with great results.