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Help with Broken Planer

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  • Help with Broken Planer

    Ok I screwed up and deserve to be flamed. I messed up on setting the cutting depth on my Tp1300 and set it too deep. Long story short the oak board I was sending through stalled and now the rollers don't work. There is also some sort of "clanking" noise that comes from the planer. I can't see anything visibly wrong, the belt is not off track and the chains seem ok. So after you all flame me, please offer some suggestions as to what I should be looking for.

    Thanks in Advance. Scott (aka Dumbass in Ohio).

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    I think we have all done something we wish we hadn't at some point. Hey your not leaking and you didn't let the smoke out of the moter so your not that bad off...
    Have a look at the parts diagram ==> 1300 parts
    I should give you an idea of where to look and help with the teardown until you find a broken gear/pin/chain etc


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      Well I have a little more information today. I figured out that the chains that drive the rollers aren't working. They sort of skip along making noise. I must have sheared a pin or gear or something. At least it looks like it is not fatal.



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        Figured it out...Broke a gear in the gear box assembly. Looks like about an $85 mistake.


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          Glad to hear you figured out the problem and that is was not terminal. Out of curiosity and so I don’t ever duplicate your mistake, how much were you trying to hog off and how wide was the board?



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            You sure you cant take it in for warranty service? My delta will only allow you to feed in a certain thickness, any more and the wood hits the front of the planer head and will not feed into the machine. If you go to the max it complains loudly and produced a crappy finish but it spits a thinner board out the other side.