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Cutting Metal with Rigid 14" Bandsaw

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  • Cutting Metal with Rigid 14" Bandsaw

    I got a Rigid 14" bandsaw for Christmas and would like to lower the blade speed to 100-200 Feet per minute so I could do some cutting of angle iron and square tubing.

    Does anyone know of a kit to lower blade speed?

    Thanks for any help in advance.

    Evan R.

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    There's no kit available that I know of. If your need to cut angle iron and tubing is only every now and again, why not buy an inexpensive chop saw. Harbor Freight has one that regularly goes on sale for $49.99. FIL bought one and it works pretty well.
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      A chop saw is nice if all you want to do is cut stuff to length, but that's where their usefulness ends. Craftsman used to sell a spped reducer kit for their 12" BS, but don't any longer. They do have a nice looking 17" BS that are for cutting wood & metal and have 4 speeds.

      It should be possible to build your own speed reducer with a jack shaft and a couple pulleys (and a calculator to figure out pulley sizes and blade speeds).


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        Craftsman has their current model 12" BS (#00922432000) on sale for $299. It's a 2 speed model (1410/2600 fpm) and looks pretty much like the Ridgid BS14000. Has a 13x13" CI table and from the product image looks like you could add a riser block but it doesn't say so in the description.