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18 volt X2 replacement batts

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  • 18 volt X2 replacement batts

    well I'm thinking about buying another battery for my 3pc combo. So I have one for each tool. Are they under the lifetime warrenty too. I don't use them every day but when I do its usually all day. What do you think power tool experts?

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    A battery purchased seperately is considered an accessory and is not covered under the promotional lifetime warranty. It is covered under the standard 3 yr warranty.

    Ridgid batteries are date coded to match the tool or combo pack they originated from, which helps defeat dishonest intentions. Only original batteries that come with the drill or combo pack are covered under lifetime warranty.

    I think Mr. Man needs to clarify this point. His answer is a bit vague.

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      i was told by the ridgid rep at the local HD
      that extra batteries would be covered