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DP1550 Pulley alignment problem

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  • DP1550 Pulley alignment problem

    I pulled the trigger on a Ridgid DP. It seems I am the latest to be hit by the problem Ridgid is having with the pulleys on the DP1550. I did a search of the archieves a got tons of hits, but not any with solutions.

    Many of the issue I read people had were due to the idler pulley being low. Well I have the opposite problem. On mine the idler pulley is too high. It is about 1/8 higher than the spindle pulley and about 3/16 higher than the motor pulley. Though I have not tried yet, I can try to raise the moter pulley in line with the Idler puller (th manual covers this adjustment), but then I will still need to raise the spindle pulley. I don't see any way to move the spindle pulley up though and no mention in the manual for adjusting the spindle pulley.

    The sad part is that the manual states: "Pulley alignment is set at the factory and should not require furthur adjustment"

    Hope this is clear.

    What should I do? I plan on calling Ridgid, but what should I ask them to do replace the whole head assembly?

    Thanks for your help in advance.