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  • TS2400 Table saw

    I purchased a TS2400 portable tabel saw. I found the saw to to be great. But after two months of use It broke and I took it to an authorized dealer for repair and they have had it for almost six weeks and tell me that it will be another six weeks before they can get a new motor for the saw. Don't buy this saw if you think you can get it repaired easily. It's a joke !!!! Repair parts are not handled by Rigid but some out source ware house. The gurantee appears to be to good to be true and it sure is. I have left mesages with Rigid ( a supervisor I was told) and they don't seem to return phone messages either.

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    Sorry to hear that. Why don't you go to the store where you bought it. If it's only 2 months old should do a swap out motor?

    I thikn they should be able to get motors relatively quickly. Delta / Jet / Powermatic would have had one in the mail to you by following week



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      Carefree - Can't you exchange the 2400 for a new one? Withing 90 days you shouldn't have to be dealing with service centers.


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        He should have done that in the first place but it's too late now. Two months use plus six weeks at ther Service Center = 3½ months. I suppose carefree could claim that the time spent at the Service Center doesn't count. Wouldn't that be a fun, NOT, battle to fight.

        There is no getting around the fact that there will be some bad product produced but parts availability definately needs some, no a huge amount, of improvement.
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          So did this ever get fixed? How is it working now. I ask because I am thinking of buying one of these, if they are fixed in a timely way.

          Are they still having problems with finding parts for you?

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