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    Hi - I just purchased a reciprocating saw and and a skill saw, along with a drill. I was pleased to see the hard side carrying case for the drill, but the bag cases for the saws are terrible. Any ideas for where to purchase hard side carrying cases? Does Ridgid sell these as aftermarket products?


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    I presume your purchases were for cordless tools?

    I purchased a the Ridgid R3000 Recip Saw (corded) and it came with a fitted hard case. I'm not aware of any Ridgid hard cases sold separately. There are a few sources of hardcases available on the market but none come to mind at the moment. Perhaps you could "Google" search for tool case suppliers. The problem would be that they won't be "fitted" to your exact model. You could also check Sears, I know at one time cases were optional for certain Craftsman tools. I purchase a case separately for my circular saw.

    I know a lot of guys don't like or use hard cases, but for someone like me who only has occasional use, a hard case is essential and therefore becomes one of the parameters for selecting a particular tool.



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      Too bad your not close to me. I have several cases to throw away. I don't have the room to keep all my tools in the plastic cases. I store mine on shelves and have a tool bag I use when I need to take something somewhere for a job.
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        I couldn't agree more. I don't know who came up with the idea that a hard tool case should accompany every tool and that it had to be twice the size of the tool.

        Bob R


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          We'd be willing to send funds via paypal for shipping costs on the hard cases if someone's going to throw them away....are they ridgid cases? We purchased cordless tools. Let me know! I appreciate the info from all the posts, and can't wait to start my first project with the new tools!


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            I have a Ridgid jig saw case, 2 PC nail gun cases, A double PC router case froma 895 dual base set, a case for a Craftsman all in one tool set. A couple others that I have to look at to see what they came with. LOL Only case i use is for my Ridgid 84001 cordless drill. it spend a lot of time in the back of my truck and I carry all types of bits and such in the case with it.
            info for all: --- "I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me."


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              I think we're just going to use gun cases and cut the foam to fit - thanks for the offers - I really apreciate it a lot!


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                While I keep my recip. saw and two nail guns in their cases, the rest are a royal PITA. It would possibly be different if I were in and out of construction sites, but for a home shop----well, I built some nice drawers, with fittings to hold the tools and love it-----beats the heck out of dragging out a case----finding a place to put it and tripping over it while doing a project.